Boston 168 / Music Reactions Event

Get ready for riot in Oktobar with Music Reactions!

The beloved Italian duo, Boston 168, is coming back to Drugstore Belgrade.

BOSTON 168 – Turin duo Boston 168 stand as one of the brightest, most burning examples of Italy’s recent renaissance of acid techno. True masters of restraint, they harness the haunting, mercurial side of the 303, deploying its iconic gliding tones to hypnotic effect. Tracks like “Acid Morning” and “Oblivion and Vapor” rush with elegant assurance, slowly boiling over without ever showing their hand. As a live act, they’ve quickly become one of the most definitive in modern club music, maintaining a touring schedule which could only be described as rigorous. Boston 168 is seen as of cathartic mood, moving from strength to strength.
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21 - 22 Okt 2022


1190,00 RSD


Klub Drugstore
Klub Drugstore
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 Beograd


Music Reactions
Music Reactions