CJ BOLLAND / Music Reactions Event

I’m here to tear down everything around you
And you know what i’m going to replace it with?
God. The world of God.
Come with me…
Long waited techno messiah CJ Bolland will join us at the Drugstore Belgrade on April 15th.
Active on the scene since more than 30 years now, CJ Bolland is probably one of the most recognized pioneers of the Techno sphere. He was one of the first music producers to be signed to the legendary R&S record label. CJ Bolland best known for his producer skills, author of several successful hits as Camargue, The Prophet or Sugar Is Sweeter continues to last and deliver stellar production and sets. Contemporary Bolland sets are notable for their energy and diversity of sound, that’s why he is regularly invited to play in some of the most prestigious institutions of the club scene as Berghain, Reaktor or Dour Festival.

See you at the techno Cathedral!

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