Legowelt (NL), DJ TLR (NL), Chorbika, Edin

The Westcoast Sound of Holland is in the house! The postponed party with Legowelt and DJ TLR is finally taking place!
Legowelt (NL)
Master synthesizer connoisseur and an overall inspiring figure, Danny Wolfers, is one of the most fertile representatives of the notorious scene that is West Coast Sound Of Holland. Danny has been making music in areas of smudgy forest howling analog techno, healing jazz, UFOcentric house, and other equally charming genres under Legowelt and other monikers since the dinosaurs invented the first synth. He is back in Belgrade after eight years and this time we’ll be hearing a DJ set.

DJ TLR is the founder of the legendary Global Darkness forum, as well as Crème Organization and R-Zone labels, who started his music journey in the early ’80s. Under the influence of Acidplanet raves, Guy Tavares’ Bunker and hand in hand with other forces from The Hague, in the course of the past 30+ years, TLR gifted us with a bouquet of unforgettable mixes, sets, collaborations (such as one with Danny Wolfers himself under the Mr. Clavio moniker), as well as dope mix names (‘The Wormhole Waitress’ c’mon).

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