Are you ready for another hard drilling night? If not you better start preparing because it’s only seven days away. That’s right, we are preparing another night for you to remember or forget – if you know what we mean. We’re very glad to have our favourite squad back again and they’ll make sure to bring you the sounds you all long for so very much. Our one and only Dario Mexa will be the first to spice it up, followed by an exotic back to back duo called RUFT. We like to save the best for last so Filip Health will be the headliner for the night.
Les Enfants Terribles – Grozna Deca is surely the place to be this saturday night.
12.03.2016 Entry is free before midnight.
After 00:00 entry is 200RSD.
P. S. Rakija will be almost free.
Drill se vraća u Groznu decu! Kao i uvek, priređujemo vam najbolju muziku koja dopire iz mikseta četiri didžeja: Dario Mexa, RUFT i Filip Health. Očekujemo vas u velikom broju na četvrtoj žurci, i ne zaboravite da dođete opremljeni Drill energijom, jer planiramo najbolji provod do sad.
Ulaz je besplatan pre ponoći. 
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Autor: Igor